6 Ways to Follow Your Passion

6 Ways to Follow Your Passion

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Right now, you have NO idea the road that lies before you…what you will create, how your journey will endlessly unfold, the impact you will have, the lives you will touch and how powerful you really are.  This is both a blessing and a disadvantage because that which you do not know you have to learn and there is no better teacher than facing these experiences.  On the other hand, every time you doubted yourself, every time you questioned the path you were on and wondered if the risks you took would all be worth it…if you would have known that there was no need to worry because it was all a part of the plan!  That everything that was happening was unfolding as it should…you could have saved many a tear.  But we must go through these pains in order to grow and I wouldn’t change knowing these things for the world as it was a part of my journey to learn and boy is it a ride!
To all of you out there who want to follow your heart, who may be too afraid to risk it all, who know what they want but don’t know how to create it…I would say these 6 things to you:

  • FOLLOW. YOUR. HEART.  It speaks to you all the time, all you have to do now is listen.  Do not silence the voice that is guiding you to your purpose, to your passion.  You are here for a reason.  If you are new to listening to your heart, a great way to tune in is to do more of what makes you happy.  I don’t care what anyone says about following the rules.  I say, “screw the rules,” make up your own.  This is your life; you own it.  Now go create it and create it from your heart.
  • EVERY EXPERIENCE AND EVERY PERSON IS GOOD FOR YOU  No matter what you do or who you meet, it is meant for you and you are meant for it.  There is something you must learn or provide and even if it seems negative or bad at the time, it is always good.
  • YOU ARE SPECIAL  March to the beat of your own drum, pave the way, be fiercely You!  It is scarey to take that leap and live out loud, but once you do it gets easier and every time you do it, something shifts into place and you know you’re on the right path.  Just be you.  That is all you can do and that is enough, you are enough.  You are more than enough actually…you are everything.
  • MAKE A WAY  You don’t get Yes’s along the way, you usually get maybe’s, no’s, one day, probably not, I don’t get it, that won’t happen, good luck with that and others that just aren’t a part of my language.  YOU are the only person in charge of your life and what you want in your life.  Nothing falls into your lap like a leaf from a tree but even if it did, it would blow away quickly because it has no roots.  Anything you want in this life, you have to make.  There is no bigger honor than to create what you want in your life.  Creating and making isn’t just for kids, it’s for us all and we should be creating something every day!
  • NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU  There will be more challenging times than not but just when you think nothing is happening, you are so close to finding the diamonds.  Keep going and never give up, because you are following your heart and you can’t give up on that.
  • YOU ARE WORTHY  Don’t ever think you aren’t worthy of the life you dream of living.  You decide your worth and I’m telling you, the moment I decided to start taking care of ME, was the moment my life began moving in a different direction.  Everything began opening up because I did.  You are the most important piece of the puzzle of your life. You ARE the puzzle.  Give back to yourself, love you like you love others, do for you what you need to be fulfilled and happy and live the life you want.

3 Responses to 6 Ways to Follow Your Passion

  1. Stacie Oard Fassett says:

    So powerful!!!! Love this and live this!

  2. Megan says:

    Ahh! I needed to hear this. I found you from etsy as I am just building up a shop myself. I have lots planned out in my mind and I know I am on the track to bringing my ideas to life. Not only in my shop but in my life. It helped hearing that some may not speak my language or get what I am doing but because I know what I want, I have to keep going and I have to create the life I want the way I see it. Thanks again for the encouragement! :)

  3. Stacey says:

    Thank you for this today…really beautiful. “There will be more challenging times than not but just when you think nothing is happening, you are so close to finding the diamonds.” Since diamonds are my birthstone, I’ll take this as my sign from the universe today :)

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