Shoulders & Biceps Workout

I did this workout two days ago and it was one that will get you sweaty and push you. My favorite exercise is the plate raise on your knees! Have fun, work hard and let me know how it goes! Shoulder & Bicep Workout *20 reps on everything, choose lighter weight for higher reps +
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4 Ways to Shift Negativity to Positivity!

I’ve always said, “Health is an inside job.” I realized this when I began my journey to a healthy lifestyle several years ago. Every day I woke up and knew that if I didn’t have the right approach to the day, and ultimately the right “attitude,” I would not move forward in the direction I
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Halloween Home Tour

Since we’ve met, Mark and I have hosted an annual Halloween party that Mark lives for! It seems like every year he pulls out new decorations after I get back from my work trips including: new life size dolls and faux body parts and honestly, it’s my weakness with him. He gets so into the
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Spiced Apple Protein Muffins

These muffins are fresh, light and so healthy! Gluten free and vegetarian, they have limited amounts of sugar and fat used, making these a higher protein muffin for easy, on-the-go breakfast or even a pre and post workout snack. We tried to go apple picking today and a storm came through, so I picked up
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3 things

Flowers with my favorite color more recently, burnt orange Fall It has been months coming and today, I am so excited to have launched the new Community & VIP Coaching pages for Fierce Forward. (you can join here!) The week has flown by, just having gotten settled in from my travels from Vermont and I
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Healthy Stuffed Peppers

Ever since I came back from Vermont last month, having eaten vegetarian for 6 days, I have seriously been eating vegetables at every meal. I invited my brother over for dinner last week and since I had some green peppers in the fridge that I had not gotten to yet and cooked rice, we decided
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