NEW Intention Spotlight: Empower

To gift another human being or yourself, the opportunity to access your or their own Personal Power. Each week, I will be Spotlighting an Intention and play with the idea of what this intention means, how we can use it to help us move forward fiercely to our best selves and our fiercest Life and
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3 Things & Heading to Houston

This Friday, I am packing my bags and heading to Houston for the final leg in the year long Goal-Coaching-Certification-Journey I have been on. It has been hot and muggy here and assuming I’ll be feeling that in Houston too, so I’m packing shorts, tanks and my Breathe Armor! Here is what has been going
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Turmeric & Ginger Morning Detox Shot

I started adding this shot to my morning routine on Monday’s & Fridays, after practicing Sun Salutations for my Yoga Certification (currently underway!). I love the idea of nourishing my body with nutrients from food & spices that will help me in my daily effort of being good to my body, mind and spirit. I
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Spicy Watermelon Soda

Imagine this…You finish your Fierce workout and on the way home, begin thinking about how good it would be to kick up your feet and enjoy a refreshing, Watermelon Soda (you have earned it, after all). You walk in the door, toss your kicks in the closet and change into your Wonder Women shorts and
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