3 things

Tonight, I’m graduating my Yoga Teacher Training and couldn’t be more excited to put a bow on something I have worked so hard at and that has added so much to my life, conversely. I used to think yoga was hard and that I would not be good at it because I have a muscular
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My Yoga Journey

I remember the first day of class, I came in to the room and was so excited to start something new and learn to be better. I was amped! I thought I was going to kill it at yoga, especially in the power poses and then that first day, I was in warrior pose and
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Real Talk: Negative People

I grew up in a very supportive environment. I am grateful for that. It wasn’t until I got out of college and started going after my dreams that people started saying: Good luck with that. / That won’t last forever. / Must be nice. / That’s going to be really hard (insert eyebrow raise). /
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3 Things & A Lesson Learned

I’m feeling a pull more recently to take a intentional inventory of the things in my life and look hard at the ones that answer yes to one of these two questions: Is this causing me more pain than happiness? Is this supporting me NOW? These two questions have allowed me direct and clear insight
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