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A Girl Who Chose To Move Forward

Once a stressed-out-overweight-unhappy-girl who hit rock bottom, I decided that if my life was going to change, I'd have to be the change first.

I put a fierce face on and started embodying all the bad-assery I've always wanted to be! I left my life sucking job and pursued my passion, I lost weight and started living healthy and I found my self by being true to myself. Every day I choose to move forward for me is a day I am the fierce girl I was born to be.

I wear my intention bracelets daily! I love reading, learning, growing and progressing.

To all the fierce girls out there, here you're going to find inspiration, tools and all the empowerment I wish I would have had when I began my journey. I decided to create it for all the women out there ready to grow and go forward in their life!

"Fierce Forward taught me to say 'F YES!' to myself!"

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Be a fierce girl, take charge of your life!

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Jamu wellness tonic jar

Jamu Health Tonic 

Jamu is a natural health tonic used in Bali tradition. I drink one cup everyday for anti-inflammatory properties & gut health. Get the recipe here!

Desktop Manifestos

Stay focused on your goals and intentions each month! Grab your free desktop & iPhone manifesto here.

30+ to choose from!

6 Home Feng Shui Tips

Stuck in a rut? Try these 6 simple feng shui tips to shake yourself out of feeling stuck. Your home and how you feel are deeply connected!

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"There's nothing like that feeling when you put your fierce bracelets on each morning!"

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