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The Power Of Less: Book Club Review

“There has never before been an age in which we could get so much done so quickly. There has never been an age in which we were so overwhelmed with information and tasks, so overloaded with emails and things to read and watch, so stressed by the incredible demands of our lives.” Isn’t that the […]

Stand where you are

Stand where you are. Stand tall where you are, no matter from the mountain, you are near or far.   Stand firm, here is where you are. Let the sunlight sweep across your face, there is no other, this is your place.   Stand rooted where you are. This ground knows no bounds.   Stand […]

Book Club: April, May & June Books

Reading has always been something I’ve enjoyed and gotten so much out of and also something I have to make a conscious effort for otherwise it escapes me. Since starting Book Club earlier this month and reading Primary Greatness, I have been reading for an hour everyday at 4pm. It helps to actually schedule it […]