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A new way forward.

This is the final post to the Blog Series I wrote on what my journey has been like since the first year of losing over 40 pounds. I have gone through many ups and downs and finally realized that I could continue playing this yo yo game and continuing being unhappy, or I could seek Balance once and for all. I had an epiphany when I was talking to my ...

No Poblano Recipe

I LOVE spicy things. However, you are in luck, as poblano's are not spicey as some of their cousins that I often eat. It must be the German in me? So...I made this up and they rock! You need: 2 Chili Poblano Peppers 1/4 cup Sabra Hummus (gluten free, all natural ingredients) 1 Onion, or shallots would be nice too baked chicken breast 1/2 avocado pepper and cayenne pepper (if ...

My Journey Part 3

So here I am, I've gone from a Personal Banker to a Competitor who had taken my dieting and exercise plan to the extreme. I now knew I had the will power to do anything I wanted. After all, I had gone 3 solid months of no carbing. I'm not sure many people could do that, as it was the most challenging thing I've ever set my mind to. At ...