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A Mentor will guide you

I think of Steve Jobs, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Lee, Will Smith, Thomas Edison, Matt Lowe. The list could go, but these people I look up to, not because of what they look like, not necessarily because of the fact that they are public figures in some way, but because of what they have done and who they are. I believe when you find a mentor, something clicks. It's almost as ...

Christmas Cheer

That time of year is here again. Christmas, New Years and a New Year ahead of us. Some people dislike the Holidays and then you'll find some people that look at the Holidays with Optimism and Cheer. Personally, I think we have a choice and I'd rather love something about something than dislike it. Why waste your energy on something that doesn't serve you in any way. These are life ...


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIZdKQZV_iU Waiting, wanting, desiring what we don’t have, needing, but not ever moving- wasting, washing our souls away. We float with the daily grind of things and watch our lives pass us as we forget what happened yesterday. We forget how to discern between yesterday and the day before, because we are not living how we really want to live. If we were living with passion and purpose, we would ...