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Cucado Fresh

Thank you all for your ideas on naming this awesome new dip!  Krista Sayeau had the best name with the most likes: Cucado Fresh.  Congratulations Krista! How did I create this Fresh, Cucumber inspired sauce?  Well...I don't like eating protein dry.  For a long time I've been eating it with homemade salsa but then one night I had a leftover avocado that was going bad and plain greek yogurt in ...

The Power of Positivity!

I’ve always said, “Health is an inside job.” I realized this when I began my journey to a healthy lifestyle three years ago. Every day I woke up and knew that if I didn’t have the right approach to the day, and ultimately the right “attitude,” I would not move forward in the direction I desired to go. I had no choice, because all I knew was I could not ...

Sweet Potato Fries My Oh My

SWEET POTATOES: you couldn't ask for a sweeter source of beta-carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, manganese and just pure heaven! ME VS. SWEET POTATOES:  I have to be honest, I never have loved eating sweet potatoes until I began really experimenting with making healthy foods I dislike in their original form, taste better.  I am a picky eater!  I will admit it.  But when I find a way to make ...