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2 Ingredient Asparagus Soup

This soup is no joke. It's easy, natural and healthy. If you don't like asparagus, this soup is going to trick you into LOVING it.  You can even trick your kids:)  It's hard to believe you're eating 1/4 pound of asparagus while enjoying this soup. I can't promise anything but I do promise you'll be getting the nutrients your body needs if you normally can't stand any type of asparagus.  ...

Tough Mudder Canceled on Us

Saturday I worked 6am-12 and got home and began packing for the Tough Mudder.  My mom was coming over to pick me up and she arrived with a package for me and a letter telling me how "fierce" she thinks I am and to never stop being who I am and going after things I want in my life.  We put on our bandanas and took a FIERCE pic to ...

Stairs…to your Enlightenment.

Stairs have always been something most love to hate. I will tell you though that they will quickly build you up mentally because they are tough as nails. WE ALL GO THROUGH UPS AND DOWNS.  IF YOU'VE LOST A SENSE OF MOTIVATION OR A SENSE OF YOURSELF, FIND IT IN THESE STAIRS.  Face it with your Fiercest face and KILL IT!  Take your music and leave everything else on the ...