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This Detox was created by Ashley Johns of Fierce Forward.  Based on her research, understanding of healthy & unhealthy substances we choose to place in our bodies and what they do for our bodies, she chose a 7 day period to cleanse the body to the best of its ability of toxins that have accumulated in the body after months of exposure to toxic substances.  Please consult with your doctor beforehand.  ...

Tina Steinberg is Fierce Giveaway

  Tina Steinberg is a woman whose work reflects a raw and genuine spirit about it.  Tina Steinberg is herself as her jewelry is to the world, genuine.  She replied to me with enthusiasm about working together on a Giveaway for you!  I also learned she is born from a rich upbringing in a large Mexican-Italian family that instilled the gifts of wicked humor, a strong work ethic & a ...

Favorite Things Giveaway #3!!!

We are on our third Giveaway: Christina, The Athletarian and myself! This one is just as juicy as the previous two. ~First off in our LINE UP is Fashletics! Sarah is giving you a freaking! amazing pewter Kettlebell Necklace.  Check Fashletics out because it will be right up your alley if you are a cool chic who likes to be inspired to Live. Love. & Lift.  Jewelry that inspires and ...

Workout Clothes Should Make You Feel Good!

I was having a conversation with a friend about workout clothes and how they should be treated just as you treat your going out clothes:  when you go out, you dress up to FEEL GOOD about yourself and about the skin you're in.  When she hits the gym, she likes wearing bright, bold colors and cute Victoria's Secret Black stretch pants with animal print on the waist.  When I go ...