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What Yoga Did For Vanessa

This is an interview between my Aunt, Vanessa Ramey and me. Photograph of Vanessa Ramey, me and her twin/my other aunt Melissa Ramey in Utah hiking in 2010. About a year ago, she sent me some pictures of her doing these poses where she was standing on her head and doing partner poses that inspired me right. away.  I got chills looking at her pictures because I was proud of ...

Beyond Organic Gift Basket Giveaway

Tammy from Beyond Organic sent me some awesome stuff to try out.  This is what one lucky winner will be GETTING!!! My favorite things were the: Amasai Yogurt & the Beyond Organic Chocolate. The Amasai Yogurt was magical to say the least!  You take a sip and then afterwards, you get this separate, amazing sweetness in your mouth almost like it was separate from the first.  This drink rocked my ...

Fierce Fighter of the Month September. Krista Parin of CavePrincess!

  How Krista Moved Forward. Ashley:  Krista, what was your Life like before Fiercing Forward? Krista:  Less than four years ago I walked into the delivery room carrying twins at 205 pounds.  Today, I write a health and fitness blog hoping to inspire other people to achieve their fitness goals and am working towards my Personal Trainer Certification. My life prior to striving to Fierce Forward included making excuses to avoid pushing myself to ...