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My Happiness Project

“I wish I’d known that I’d been born to take on the world; I wouldn’t have run from it for so long, but run to it with open arms.” Something More Today is my 31st year on this Earth.  I'm peaceful, reflective, optimistic and fiercely excited to take on another year of my Life with open arms and an open heart. I have learned so many things this year and ...

The ‘Come Alive’ Workout

The birds are chirping, the sun is out and I FEEL ALIVE!!! I can't tell you how much winter weighs my mood down.  I have been waiting for a day like this.  It's in the 40s and it's amazing out!!! It really does change you, having the sun beat down on you and hearing the birds chirping.  Kind of like walking away from a really amazing workout.  You've pushed yourself ...

I Only Lost 3lbs This Week

I posted this on our Facebook Community Page yesterday and got a lot of response from you all!!!  You all FELT alot when it came to this picture...some felt happy I posted this because they have heard too many times of women complaining they aren't losing enough when losing 3 pounds in one week is PLENTY enough and some just really needed to see this visual.  It's a POWERFUL visual.  ...

Zucchini-Carrot Spa Muffins

I found this recipe in a gourmet magazine and they called them "Spa Muffins" because they are "healthy" for you.  On a side note, Counting Crows just came on, takes me back 15 years.... Back to the muffins....So I imagined the two amazing spas I've been to where they serve you cucumber water while you sit on a decadently modern lounge chair, wrapped in your white robe totally and completely ...