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Motivation May Playlist 2013

Music is huge for me when it comes to motivation!   And let's face it, motivation is daily work.  You aren't ALWAYS motivated and you have to do your best to keep up with fueling the fire behind you.  We just gotta keep moving fiercely forward and that requires effort, energy and fierce motivation.  So when I was feeling a little unmotivated, I thought to myself how it has been a ...

Earth Day 2013

Earth Day is the annual day which events are held, Worldwide, to demonstrate our support as people to environmental protection. I asked myself this question today:  "What am I going to do to protect my earth today?"   My answer: "Use my stainless steel water bottle & set a date to begin planting my brother's garden with him!"  I want to learn how to garden so badly but currently do not ...

My Fierce Five Fave

Some Fitness, some personal Style, some items that I love...whatever it is, they're my favorite things that speak to me, that I love and that just make Life better!  Enjoy... Everyday Coconut Water FACE TONER from Whole Foods.  *certified Fair Trade I love spraying toner on in the morning or just as a refresher during day when my face may feel dry and especially after a sweaty, hot workout (all ...

Seeing Green Fitness Swag

Green is my favorite color and since Springtime is almost in Full Bloom I just felt this was fitting.  I'm seeing green... Mint Green Sports Bra/Polka Dot Mint Green Shorts & Polka Dot Yoga Top @ Lululemon. These shorts are the 'Speed Shorts' in Petite Dot Fresh Teal.   I love these shorts because they fit so well, have a key pouch with a cute darker green zipper in the back.  ...