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Road Trip Healthy Snacks

Road trips are one of the hardest situations to be healthy in.   If you don't prepare, you'll end up starving and all of a sudden pulling into McDonalds.  Preparing your own foods to snack on can also save you if something unexpected happens, like with my best friend Alex, whose husband decided, against her suggestion, to take a detour from the normal road and ended up 3 hours stuck in ...

Lean Beef & Veggie Bowl

  I have lean beef (95% lean) once per week and when I do, I make it in a big batch.  I was craving veggies and I LOVE combining vegetables with protein and tomato sauce.  Chili's have always been one of my favorite comfort foods.  I just pulled whatever I had in my fridge and went to town.  There's something so relaxing about cooking a meal that sits on the ...

Oatmeal Bites

This is true that these are not really just one 'bite' but rather 4! Sometimes I have the urge to eat something sweet. Not every day, as I've learned to tame that wild beast calling my name in the evenings. But it does come out and when it does, I'd rather take a bite of this and feel satisfied, knowing what exactly this is made of because I made it ...