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Turkey Burger with Black Lentils & Spicy Yogurt Sauce

I first made this burger eons ago and literally SWOON AND DROOL over it every time I create this masterpiece!  This is not JUST a burger, it is a burger with the works, the healthy works! These are the ingredients you will need plus black lentils & turkey bacon of your choice.  Start with the burger and chop your spinach and add it along with black & red pepper to ...

Let’s Be Fearless

This could not be more true.  I learned this hard and fast when I began taking risks... The first time I stood up in my high school class and gave a speech, portraying Sojourner Truth.  I wasn't the most outgoing high schooler but I did sports and even though I stood on the court with my knee pads and volleyball in hand, with bleachers full of people, I found comfort ...

42 Days No Sugar Challenge

Sugar fuels every cell in the brain. It is also responsible for being one of the most addictive substances overly available to us; perhaps the cheapest addictive substance available to us!  Because of this effect sugar has on us, it is extremely important you go into this Challenge knowing you may go through sugar withdrawal and that this will not be an easy feat for any of us!  A word ...

Get Your Mow On

It's that time of year again! Mowing, landscaping, constant weed maintenance, staining the deck, planting flowers to bloom and so on. Is it just me or does it seem like you mow one day and then you look up and the little buggers have already grown 4 inches. It's like the hamster wheel of Summer. Now someone of us will employ someone like lawn care services Christiansburg, whereas others will ...