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Heads Up Bands Review

When I was approached by Lorrie of Heads Up Bands, I was excited to review these because I have seen these bands but have never tried any of them yet!  These bands are non slip bands that keep your hair in place while working.  The reason Lorrie chose the name, Heads Up Bands is because she believes in these simple rules:  live simply, dream big, be grateful, give love, laugh ...

Sock Guys Review

Don't put a sock in it, Live Out Loud with these Sock Guy personality socks! Add some personal flair to any outfit with their wide range.  Sock Guy sent me some of my favorite pics, including:  The Mustache, Pink Shorty Skulls, Skull Knee Highs and Diamond Blue Knee Highs.  They are so comfortable and slide on your feet with ease.  They will be getting much wear and tear from this ...

Fierce Friday Favorites: Crazy Pants

What you choose to wear to the gym can have an altering effect on your mind, behavior and attitude.  Wearing bright colors, bold patterns and feeling good in your skin will create a positive aftermath that you will notice when you try it!   Next time you lift, put on a great pair of personality pants/crazy pants and a simple tank top exposing your skin and while you curl your ...