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I Ran in The Rain for Nordstrom Rack

Fit Social Day 2 began with Vinyasa Yoga which always challenges me since most times I'm contracting my muscles.  I just can't keep away from the heavy weights!  Then we headed up to brunch and the Expo where I got some awesome goodies from Soybu, namely the Bombshell Tank in white.  I've always been attracted to tops that cut at a V up towards your face-it shows your shoulders, your ...

Finding My Way in Denver & the Vintage Tee

Nine hours of travel deep, I had three hours to kill before my hotel check-in so decided to walk to the infamous Pearl Street.  Boulder is beautiful and hearing stories about the flooding made me appreciate it even more.  I ran into a restaurant that had outside eating and fresh muffins so I went in and got 'The Chook' Chicken Sandwich on a rosemary focaccia.  The Izze was a special ...

Friday Fierce Pick Travel Essentials

Letting Go in an Airplane There's something so freeing about traveling to a new place-the possibilities endless and really, anything could happen!  There's some danger in that but mostly, I see it as adventure.  As I embark on my flight, I sit back in my chair and try to let go;  let go of the worry and fear that usually accompanies flying.  Letting Go is an Intention I am working ...