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Roasted Pumpkin Seeds in Chocolate, Salt & Cinnamon-Sugar

Every fall, we buy pumpkins to paint, carve and make soups out of.  But what about the seeds?  I know, they're slimy and we usually just walk them over to the trash and toss them but did you know they're really yummy and I found three ways to eat them. 1.  Chocolate covered Pumpkin Seeds 2.  Salt covered Pumpkin Seeds 3.  Cinnamon-Sugar covered Pumpkin Seeds Pumpkin Seeds Soak pumpkin seeds ...

Ask Ashley

As I began to put together the questions from you for #AskAshley, I realized that they all sounded very similar.  You asked how to continue going when you feel you aren't seeing progress, how to deal with people that put you down and so on.  I answered your questions below.  I hope it offers you some guidance and support! Just when you think nothing is happening, when you are at ...

Healthy Apple Cup Dessert

Eat This Not That Calories    Fat      Protein       Carbohydrate    Sugar Fierce Forward Apple Cups                144         7            3                     10                     4 Traditional Apple Slices                      209        8            2                     33                     17.7 Sunday we drove up to Michigan for ...

Ezekiel Handmade Tortilla Chips

I have always loved Ezekiel bread and when I found Tortillas I decided to try something new.  These Ezekiel Tortilla Chips are so simple to make and have the best crunch and earthy flavor there could be in a chip.  These are a must try. You can find Ezekiel Tortillas in the freezer section of your grocery.  Online, they also offer Brown Rice for a Gluten Free option and Exotic ...