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Life is too short to hide.

Reflecting on the year, I found this 'journal entry' from my old wordpress site that I wrote in 2011. It still stands. I know the New Year has people thinking about what MORE they want in their lives and that's the thing about us humans, we were born to strive for more. When you're not living out your life the way you truly want to, you know it and you ...

January Motivation Board

[printfriendly] Every day I make a practice to wake up, have a hot water with lemon in my favorite Wonder Woman mug, and read the newest article from one of my favorite sites I gain motivation and strength from, Tiny Buddha.  In fact, one of my 2014 goals is to wake up one morning and see my article staring back at me.  This year, I challenge you to create a ...

Team Fierce #2

Team Fierce has been an amazing group of women who have stuck together to chase after their goals this Winter.  I'm extremely excited to introduce Team Fierce #2!  I have 7 spots open for 7 Fierce women or men who are ready to Fierce Forward in their lives.  All DETAILS ARE HERE.  I will be opening registration up December 26th.  The first 7 who sign up will make up Team ...