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Friday’s Fierce Pick

January is at it's end and I have to say that this month has been a wild one!  Starting the Sisterhood of the Traveling Journal with 30+ sister participants, redesigning my website, writing and submitting my first article for the most motivational website Tiny Buddha and partnering with Lori Harder of Busy Girl, Healthy Life...it's been a ride.  This outfit inspires the wild January beneath our belt! Let's put the ...

A Push Plank Version

This is a version of the push plank that I like to use to switch the exercise up.  It is just as challenging as the push plank but engages more of your Serratus muscles (below your arm pit surrounding side ribs and running back) during the "reach" part of the movement where you reach for the bar. I recommend adding these in between other muscle group sets You will feel ...

The Sisterhood Bracelet

Introducing the Sisterhood Bracelet.  This bracelet was created and inspired by the Sisterhood of the Fierce Traveling Journal and is for all women. As a single woman, I am strong but with you and her and us together, we can move mountains. I have always felt that if we just support and encourage one another, we can truly shine as individuals, free from jealousy, envy and insecurity. To know that ...