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My Favorite Things This Week

During my trip to California three weeks ago, I got inspired by the sun, the heat and the palm trees.  I was sitting in Whole Foods Market drinking a Cranberry Kambucha, reading a magazine when a girl leaned over and asked me if I would listen to her speech she had to perform in front of her coworkers.  An hour later, I was standing in the Fresh skincare department of ...

Friday’s Fierce Pick A Day at the farmer’s market

When I think of summer, I think about one of my favorite days of the week, strolling through our local Farmer's Market.  Sometimes, I even head up to Michigan and find their local Farmer's Market and make a day of it, paired with Antiquing.  I love supporting local & small businesses and do so with pride.  I also love eating fresh, whole fruits and vegetables that have been taken care ...

Dumbbell Deadstops for Back

I really like incorporating Dumbbell Deadstops into my back day because it offers more of a plyometric, explosive motion where you can also get a great back {lat} stretch.  This way of working my back allows me to fully feel the muscles used by means of the stretch and to pull more weight up by a little use of momentum.  Generally, you want to lift weight without using momentum, but ...