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Finding Peace

Written in Savannah on June 29th "Peace comes from within, do not seek it without." Sitting here in an historic Savannah hotel they call the Kehoe House, I am reflective of the events that have happened this year that have led me to where I sit right now, in this lush shays lounge the color of rust, not able to push my feelings back this time.  After getting caught in ...

Meeting an American Olmypian, The Paris Market Obsession and Blue Lace Shorts

I came to Savannah to attend an annual Blogger event called Fitbloggin.  Fitbloggin is a venue to learn how to be a more effective blogger.  I don't consider myself a Blogger per se but with facebook changing to showing less and less of my posts, it has been my goal to direct our Fierce Community to a new home...the Fierce site!  If you haven't subscribed to my week day Coffee ...

Crisp Summertime Salad

With the heat setting in, there is nothing better than a crisp, summertime salad, chock full of healthy fat, carbs and protein.  Your local Whole Foods Markets will have all of these ingredients including: spinach 1/2 apple (any kind) walnuts raisins chicken {Whole Foods Market has organic chicken in a large package or freshly cooked chicken you can quickly build a salad with at their buffet & salad bar!} To ...