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Empowered Tank & Jiva Shorts Giveaway

As you all know, facebook has changed significantly in the past few months.  You may notice you are no longer seeing my motivational posts, my healthy recipe posts, my trail talks, etc.  Please please please sign up for subscribing to my posts on my website as THIS IS WHERE MY HOME BASE IS and where all Challenges, giveaways, healthy recipes and daily motivation will be posted.  You can sign up ...

Create a new beginning and fierce forward again!

I created this for those of us who are on a new Journey, who are on a path and hit a road block or for anyone needing to remember that no matter what, you just have to keep moving forward.  Throughout my journey, I have wondered why certain things have happened, so much that I began concreting my feet in my past.  Recently, someone commented on my past experiences and ...