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Kicking the self depreciating chatter that’s holding you back and being grateful

If I just... were happier | lost 10 pounds | had more | did more | were twenty again | had what she has | had more money | had more motivation | had a boyfriend | landed that promotion | had more talent | weren't so sensitive | were a different person | were her | had a bigger house | had a bigger personality | didn't care | ...

Walk the Plank Workout: Part 1

When I asked Fierce Forward Ambassador, Nicole O'Brien, to create a FIERCE workout plan for our Fierce Tribe, she came back to me with a 3-part series that can all be done at-home with minimal equipment! Equipment Needed mat and stopwatch/timer  Perform Do 1 minute of each exercise. Work your way up to a minute of each in your own time and just do your best! Push yourself and do ...