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November Motivation Board

Can you believe November is already here. November is a month to remember to give thanks. Thanks for being given life, thanks for the loved ones in our lives, thanks for everything we are so lucky to have. What we give thanks for is unique to each of us but this month, let us celebrate the soul sisters in our lives. Remember that we are beautiful individuals but together, we ...

What Crossfit Does For Women

 When I asked Fierce Forward Ambassador, Laurianne Faugstad, to share her fairly new CrossFit experience with us, she requested to write it up after her first competition, which was this past weekend. She wanted to go through the hard-knock of an actual competition, which is notorious for Cross-fitters, to show their stuff they've been working day in and day out on for months. I watch the Reebok Crossfit games religiously ...

Scary Good Halloween Treats!

Every year, we host our annual Halloween Party, packed with our friends and family and tons of food. This year, we had to fore-go our party for the first time in six years as we are on the hunt for a new home and this one needs to always be available to show. Needless to say, there will be other parties to attend and I took it upon myself to ...

Trail Talk: Listening to Vibes

"Negativity is everywhere. I guarantee for every negative thing happening in your life, there are ten positive things! Learn to trust your gut and listen to vibes in any situation. If the vibe is less than 7 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being super positive), you can choose not to be in that situation and walk away or don't put yourself back in that situation. Protecting your happiness is ...