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A big day for me

Today is a big day. Two years ago when I started Fierce Forward, I had big dreams of growing a brand that empowers other to live life fiercely. After struggling through many growing pains, the upstairs bedroom and skinny closet were no longer conducive to the bigger dreams I have for FF. Today I stand in the new Fierce Forward office, filled with gratitude. These white walls are a blank ...

Fierce Gifts This Holiday Season

 I am so enamored by unusual, simple, yet very controlled gifts when it comes to giving to others. I want to give them something that matches who they are, what they're going through, what they need, something they've quietly mentioned along the way that they like and something that will make them smile when they receive it. I think finding a special gift that fits the receiver is part of ...

The Mile

I'm not exactly sure when it was that I lost my excitement, my whatever it takes attitude for going after my fitness goals but my story is one that is not finished and in some respects, it's just beginning. Something happened last night. I opened my dusty Bodyspace account on Bodybuilding.com and went back to my first ever Blog Entry there. The entry was from September 12, 2009, just 9 ...