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Superbowl Bacon Wrapped Chicken Wings with Skinny Bleu Cheese Dip

This weekend is the Superbowl and I don't know about you but when I think of the Superbowl I envision a big screen tv, jersey wearing and lots of good food. I believe in balance and enjoying those treats on occasions but sometimes it's nice to bring a healthy alternative to the party and be the martyr amongst the sea of chips, cookies and beer. These bacon wrapped wings with ...

Knowing when to log off, get still and do things that fill you up

Balancing it all can be one of the biggest challenges in our daily lives and lately, I am understanding my trigger points for knowing when I need to back off, get out of it and recharge. I am wired to keep pushing but this is counterproductive as I have seen and felt the effects: I am not able to fully give myself to what I am doing or where my ...

Things That Make Me Happy & A Personal Manifesto

Lately, I have had a desire to create & share more personal content from things I'm loving, websites I'm scouring, my latest home project to things that are inspiring me! I get deep in projects that need to get done and often times find myself seeking a little balance to share things that are more personal to me. I look at Fierce Forward & the strong Community it has evolved ...