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Turning 33: Coming Into My Power

Something happens to me when I leave my normal environment. I feel more space suddenly and it's like the world opens up. I feel more inspired and fueled to dream again. At home, I am often working with other partnered companies, tasks to complete, keeping our team motivated, projects, the moving parts, the execution of the moving parts and often feel like I'm more in it rather than on it. ...

Our Fierce Living Room

When we first started looking for a home, we knew from Mark's first home our must-haves. We knew we wanted high ceilings, personality and a home that felt right when we walked in. We found our home on a hill in the woods and I posted a photo of my feet on the bricks saying, "please let the stars align on this one." Well here we are and although there ...

Operation: Self Love

Join this 26 day Practice with the Mission: Self Love. "In life, you are the only person who will always be with yourself. Choose a healthy lifestyle for her, work hard at progressing, never stop getting better and you will give yourself the greatest gift you are able to: love for oneself. Life is short. Start being who you want to be now!" I wrote this in my first article ...