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December Vision Board, Stack of the Month & Angel Card Reading

Welcome to your Fierce December! I want to begin by saying how easy it is to be in "reactive" mode to our lives. Things happen and we react. Usually, reactions create a negative feeling of some sort. What I am learning in my Goal Coaching Certification is the Power of taking responsibility and "responding" rather than reacting. There is a difference between the two, a big one and there is ...

Savory Thanksgiving Kale Salad

I was not always a fan of Kale, that is, until I learned how to massage it! Kale is more coarse than spinach or most other greens but when you massage it (a trick I learned in Brooklyn earlier this year), it releases that coarseness and I fall in love every time. One day, I was making lunch and started cooking my favorite lean, peppered-bacon from Whole Foods Market (see ...

Sometimes you just have to Reinvent Yourself!

Exactly two Tuesdays ago, I was questioning what in the hell I was doing in my Life. While I do consider myself killing it in the forward movement of what I give myself to career wise, I find myself circling back around to asking, "how am I showing up for me?" I sat down and journaled (pen to paper) how I was feeling, what I felt was missing, what I ...