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The Year 2015

This year has been a transformational year both personally and at Fierce Forward. With transformation comes challenges, questioning, introspection, letting go to make room for something else, going with the flow as much as possible and mostly, always returning to gratitude. This year was abundant, launching the Fierce Forward Retreat, traveling to 15 different cities for both festivals and FF Meetups, creating two Armor Collections and watching our Community/Sisterhood grow. ...

Trail Mix Bites

Trail mix meets dark chocolate in these adorable bites of deliciousness. They’re decadent yet simple to make using only 2 ingredients...dark chocolate and your favorite trail mix. You can package them and give them as a Fierce holiday gift to all of your friends and family or keep them for yourself! Maybe even add in some white chocolate.   Trail Mix Bites Author: Fierce Forward in collaboration with Stacie Hassing ...

I Made This Suede Clutch: a DIY

Last week, I had dinner with Lauren of The Resource Girls, a blog with the mission of guiding women to be resourceful and to be themselves. As we were chatting over wine, she was explaining the concept of being resourceful and although I had never used the word much, it has fast become a word I am using more as I now realize that being resourceful is something I do ...