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Boss Babes: The Girls of Ohm K

I believe so fiercely that as women, we should support, empower and uplift one another in Life. We need each other! I see so many women empowering other women through life, business, actions, friendship, a facebook post & our fierce projects that I decided to highlight one woman each month and recognize her for her work in Empowering Women. This Series is called Fierce Women. Meet Katie & Katharine, two ...

The Right Pillow

Sleep has always been a thing of great importance to me. I see my bed as my happy place, where I can retreat and recharge and if you have ever traveled with me, you know how important my pillows are to me: I take my body and head pillow with me on any road trip! I aligned with Lacy & Chrissy, Creators of The Right Pillow, on social media and ...

Pumpkin Protein Muffins, Clean & Healthy

Happy Fall! Ahh. The crisp air, leaves turning over to hot pink and shades of orange, a warmth in the hearts of people, boots and hats, pumpkin and all the beautiful things that come with the season. There's something so magical about this time of transition. Fall really does show us the importance of letting go, setting intention, taking stock and renewing ourselves. More baths, more cooking, more books, more ...

The Fierce Forward Book Club

Welcome to the Fierce Forward Book Club! My gramps instilled in me the drive to always be learning. He would read daily and was a great cook as well. He created a local teaching center that he spoke and taught at called Forever Learning. I begin the 2016 book club with all of those who have inspired us to learn and to ourselves who are here right now, with fresh ...