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This Week’s Inspiration

Things that have been inspiring me this week have been my more recent time on Pinterest in the morning, pinning and getting inspired to create a new Vision for myself. In less than two weeks, I will be taking a two week trip across the country. I will be road tripping it with a friend to Boulder and then back to Vermont for Yoga Festivals. In road trips and traveling ...

The Power Collection

It is finally here!! I have been waiting and waiting to share this Collection with you. It is the fifth Armor Collection ever and truly comes back to living the Life you have always wanted to live, never giving up, knowing that you are limitless and anything is possible, always being fiercely YOU and finding freedom in living Fierce Forward. It truly is a Journey when you are working on ...

Powerhouse Women: Tanya Leaves Her Job to Pursue Her Passion!

Today is a day that a woman from our Tribe is leaving something behind so that she can walk through a new door. Fierce Forward began when I was working in Corporate America, as a personal banker. It was a job that did not fill me up, it actually took from me and day by day, I would wake up and walk through my Life like a zombie, thinking I ...

Crystal Shelf DIY

Gemstones, geodes, crystals and all things natural have been something that are finding their way into my Life. It all started with the African Trade Beads I use to make the Fierce Forward Armor, then it was the Himalayan Salt Lamp and then the Spirit Collection and my travels to Boulder that I really began to see the ball rolling even faster in my love for these beautiful pieces from ...