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Healthy Breakfast Sandwich

Eating breakfast is so important. Many will wake up, grab their coffee and head straight to the work day without giving a second thought to breakfast. The reason it is so important is because your body has been fasting for the past eight hours of sleeping and when you wake first thing in the morning, your blood sugar levels are often lower for this very reason as well as the ...

NEW Intention Spotlight: Empower

To gift another human being or yourself, the opportunity to access your or their own Personal Power. Each week, I will be Spotlighting an Intention and play with the idea of what this intention means, how we can use it to help us move forward fiercely to our best selves and our fiercest Life and why it's important! I have been in the work of "living with intention" for years ...

My 3 Biggest Aha Moments From Being Certified Yoga Instructor

Yesterday marked the halfway point of my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. My Why behind taking this Certification was for two reasons: to learn how to practice yoga on my own to manage Anxiety & to teach Yoga at my annual Fierce Retreats. I remember the first class, I came in on the second week, as I was traveling for my Life/Goal Coaching Certification (this is most likely why I ...