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Inspirational Interview: Powerhouse Emily Dipple

I am so excited to introduce October's Powerhouse Interview with this powerhouse babe, Emily Dipple! Emily is a diligent and highly motivated woman with a passion for empowering and inspiring others. She enjoys writing, creating art, time with her family, and running when she is not busy managing contact center operations for a business process organization. Emily makes health and fitness a priority, following a ketogenic lifestyle to balance her ...

Shoulders & Biceps Workout

I did this workout two days ago and it was one that will get you sweaty and push you. My favorite exercise is the plate raise on your knees! Have fun, work hard and let me know how it goes! Shoulder & Bicep Workout *20 reps on everything, choose lighter weight for higher reps + Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press + Standing Dumbbell Bicep Curl + Kneeling Plate Front Raise  *I ...