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I went Vegetarian for 30 Days: Here’s what happened

In the last days of 2016, Mark and I talked about the idea of going Vegetarian for a month to challenge ourselves. He was inspired by a male Vegetarian bodybuilder he follows on Instagram and wanted to see if it would offer us any benefits by trying it ourselves. Before I share the changes I noticed in the thirty days, I want to share why we decided to take this ...

January Vision Board

Two thousand seventeen is going to be a special year. Can you feel it too? January's Vision Board is inspired by the premonition of change and fiercing forward for each and every one of us. It is letting go to rise up, choosing to see the good, radiating positivity, reinventing yourself and having the courage to be fiercely and authentically you. As 2016 came to an end, I spent alot ...

Two weeks Vegetarian update + Roasted Pepper & Avocado sandwich

Two weeks ago today, my husband and I fist bumped our commitment to one another and ourselves that we would eat Vegetarian for 30 days. He originally came up with the idea after being inspired by a vegetarian bodybuilder he follows on Instagram and my inspiration came to me while on the 2016 Fierce Forward Retreat, eating farm to table food every day. We decided we would do this together ...

Spicy Enchilada Soup

I made this Spicy Enchilada Soup Recipe the week before committing to a 30 day Vegetarian Challenge with my husband. I made it with chicken and you will see that that is optional for this recipe. In the middle of winter, it is a hearty soup, with a spicy kick. Enjoy and be sure to comment below how you liked it! Feel free to share this recipe on Pinterest or ...