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6 Feng Shui Tips When You’re Stuck in a Rut

Two months ago, I started following a feng shui specialist on Instagram and after reading this post, I thought about how closely connected the idea of Fiercing Forward is with Feng Shui. That in a simple action, we can shift energy from negative to positive. Her tagline is "live what you love" and if that doesn't just fit the bill with how we roll at Fierce Forward, I don't know ...

Your thoughts will either paralyze you or catapult you!

Your thoughts will either paralyze you or catapult you. This morning during my workout I looked in the mirror and thought about how far I have to go and how I didn't get dealt a good hand when it comes to my metabolism and how it will never be like the first time I lost weight and how it sucks I have thyroid issues (and the train of torture kept ...