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Greetings from Austin

Hey you! I'm currently sitting in a cafe' sipping on a iced latte while Billy Holiday plays overhead. Pretty much my definition of work bliss. Just prior to this, I got my workout in complete with a full breakfast and big bottle of water. Before I got to Texas, I reminded myself "wherever you go there you are" and I also reminded myself that at any moment, I can make ...

How to Transform Your Mind, Body & Spirit: An Interview

I was so excited to sit down and coffee chat with this amazing woman, Dani Spies! Dani and I go back seven years to when we both began our journeys of empowering others to live healthfully and fiercely. In this interview with Dani Spies of Clean and Delicious, I share intimately about my journey of hitting rock bottom to finding my way through and coming out stronger. I also share ...

August Vision Board

Move and the way will open. This month's Vision Board is inspired by change! Just last week, Mark and I moved from Indiana to Texas. What inspired this change in our lives was the desire for something different. I believe change begins in that very moment, right there. Just as when I first began moving forward in my life in 2009, change was sparked by a desire for something different...something ...