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No Bake Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Balls (Gut Healthy)

No bake are two words that always equal yummy goodness. No bake oatmeal bars, no bake cheesecake, no bake truffles and the list goes on! Two weeks ago, I learned that my auto immune disease (I have Hashimoto's) is being caused by having a "leaky gut." I know, those two words didn't ring as yummy as the other two words, "no bake" but as soon as I found out, I ...

Our Advice On Marriage

Yesterday I opened facebook to find a memory notification of our wedding four years ago. I threw my phone down and hugged mark telling him, "I think we forgot something about today." To which we both chuckled and wondered if we had made a horrible error in forgetting or if we would just laugh and move forward. We made strong coffee and decided over coffee chat to talk about our ...

September Vision Board

Grow girl, grow Hi fierce babes, I've been thinking alot about what it means to always be moving fiercely forward in our lives and within our selves. It is never easy, this path. I was just talking to a new friend about this on our morning run, that this lifestyle of growth and progression is the least easy road but that's what fires us up about it, that we grow ...