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A Guide To Salt Lamps

Last week, I was in our local health food market and there it was, a beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp. I bought it along with a salt bowl and although I am just now doing my research on the benefits of the lamps and what they emit, I followed my instincts on this one and was not disappointed. I wanted to shed some light (wink, wink) on what salt lamps are ...

Comparison on Social Media

I follow alot of people on social media that leave me wondering if life actually happens to them. Their nail polish is always done and their curated flawless lives make me put down my phone and wonder where I went wrong. What do I need to be more of? How can I be more like her? It's a serious fucking trap. I would like to see more people on social ...

October Vision Board

October's intention: Live from the inside out!   Happy October! This is one of my favorite months, the month where all things Fall begin taking shape. It calls into place the need for rituals that bring peace and a sense of home all through going inward: more time in nature feeling the cool, crisp air, lighting my favorite pumpkin DW candles, reading more, breathing deeper, hearing the fall crows each ...