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5 Tips For Setting Intention!

Candles that help you set intention and smell like candy?! Yes please. Stop, educate and listen, ash is back with a brand new intention...! Social media is an amazing resource for connecting with people, in life and in business. A few months back, Lucin Candle Studio and I met via Instagram and never looked back. Another boss babe empowering people to live with intention...sign me up! Another tool for me ...

Roasted Garlic So Good Even Vampires Would Love It: I’ll Teach You How!

Garlic has always been one of my favorite foods and when I discovered how to make roasted garlic, it blew regular garlic out of the water. It's like garlic in power mode. This roasted garlic is seriously so good even vampires would love it! In a quick 5 minutes, you'll be popping your garlic cloves into the oven to roast like a boss. When I started writing this post and ...

How To Wear Street Shoes

A cool street shoe with a leather jacket on, a white tee and jeans...you're speaking my language! What is a street shoe you might be wondering. A street shoe is any type of shoe you can wear almost anywhere. Think converse, adidas...chucks. Guys are wearing them, girls are wearing them and that's how versatile they are! The trend I'm seeing alot lately is athletic wear making its way into most ...