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What 36 Has Taught Me

Thirty-seven years on earth. I remember 21 like it was yesterday. I was an artsy, bohemian girl in college who acted, had a passion for creating and loved her friends. As confusing as some of my 20's felt, they were pretty easy. Turning 30, I had an amazing group of friends, a mixed family that got along brilliantly together and I had turned my passion into my work. Life was ...

Project Manifest is Here

IMAGINE A LIFEwhere you feel EMPOWERED, aligned and so CONNECTED to yourself that nothing can pull you away from that feeling because you own it. You know who you are because you created her! You know where you're going and you have a laser focus to get there. You no longer question yourself or your abilities. You use your abilities to create what you want! You no longer look outside yourself for ...

10 Habits to Be Happy, Confident & Successful

For me, happiness didn't just fall in my lap. I was never one of those people who poops rainbows, sunshine and unicorns wherever they go! I know some of those people. Their positive disposition would even annoy me because I didn't understand how they had it and I wasn't sure even if I knew, I could ever get it. (ie: not the best attitude) Being happy never came easy for ...