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3 Links that Will Change Your Day

I am spending more time throughout my week reading and in that, I have found three articles that shifted my fierce game and know they will yours too!

  1. The Watermelon Skirt | This is a story about Jenna Lyons, Creative Director of J.Crew, growing up and going through a journey of creating and reinventing herself to feel more confident in her skin. My favorite part is when she realizes what transformation really means. Lennyletter.com
  2. 8 Steps for Living an Epic Life | An interesting take on who we are, where we came from and who we will remain. #3 is my go-to. Elephantjournal.com
  3. 10 Inspirational Quotes from NAVY SEAL Training | I’ve always been one to love taking inspiration from real life experiences and stories. In fact, I have a book on my read List written by a Navy Seal. Entrepreneur.com


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