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3 Things & A Lesson Learned


I’m feeling a pull more recently to take a intentional inventory of the things in my life and look hard at the ones that answer yes to one of these two questions:

  1. Is this causing me more pain than happiness?
  2. Is this supporting me NOW?

These two questions have allowed me direct and clear insight on what’s working and what’s not. The funny thing is, once I write down the ones that are not supporting me, I discover that I have been feeling that for some time and so I’m connecting the dots.

And conversely, I have been super intentional about being fiercely supportive of the things that DO support me and add to my happiness. Things like: waking up in the morning for me and the habits around that first hour I have created, creating boundaries in both personal and work life, managing stress through my practice of yoga and focus of breath and even getting dressed each day instead of leaving my workout pants and top knot up. It’s been a great lesson that has really been clicking with me lately. It’s so important to honor the things that support us and our future vision and release the things that do not.

Have a beautiful weekend, Ash

3 things

1. I’ve been pinning like a mad woman office spaces as it’s time for something new and colorful. I always get this way when the seasons change. This home office space above inspires me so much!


2. Creating this notebook for my goals has empowered me even more (I mean, the colors!) to open it up every day and check off my progress.


3. Found this gem in my drawer, I thought I had lost it. Mark & I went to Florida earlier this year and we walked into a shop there and he got this for me. His love language is acts of service, not so much gift gestures so it was that much more meaningful to me. As we looked through the rings, he pointed to this one and said, “What about that one, it’s pretty.” I naturally went back and forth between his pick and mine (mine was bigger) and then I chose his. We walked back on the beach and we decided it would mean: positivity, possibility & flowing like water. Even though fall is coming, I’m slipping this on to remember…

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