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3 Things & Heading to Houston


This Friday, I am packing my bags and heading to Houston for the final leg in the year long Goal-Coaching-Certification-Journey I have been on. It has been hot and muggy here and assuming I’ll be feeling that in Houston too, so I’m packing shorts, tanks and my Breathe Armor! Here is what has been going on in my world this week. Have a beautiful rest of your week!

Above: Leo in the pose I call Gramps. He makes me happy, every time.

This song has been on repeat, ever since finding it on Kate Hudson’s (she’s my wifey) Instagram. Looking for Knives is also a fave. There’s something about The Push, though, that makes me feel like I’m running in slow-mo through grasses, with hands out, feeling the wild flowers around me. It takes me there. ”


This morning’s 40 minutes stairmill inspiration, pouring into my words here.

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