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The 3 Biggest Lessons I Learned At Age 35

I’m celebrating 36 years today, another trip around the sun! Each birthday I like to reflect on the year before and how I intend to live this coming year. While there are so many lessons I’ve learned, I like to highlight the 3 most impactful lessons that really shaped me in the fiercest way possible and to also share some things that happened this year, how I’ve Fierced Forward. Before I do that, I want to thank you. Whether we have met before or not, whether you just learned of me and Fierce Forward or have been living this movement for years, I want you to know how much I appreciate you, your presence and your support. If I know one thing for sure, it’s that all of my challenges, lessons and growth is shared with so many others, men and women alike. We are so lucky to be able to choose how we will think, feel and live our lives. We can learn from one another and support one another in our journey. I hope you find something you can use in these 3 lessons and if something resonates with you, I’d love for you to comment below, I love connecting with you!

The 3 Most Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned At Age 35

This year, what I learned most is leadership of myself and the importance of reconnecting to my purpose. A leader is one who walks his people (his self) through the jungle, climbs the highest tree and makes sure it’s the right jungle. A manager is working with the team to cut down the brush and create a path but to be effective, it has to be the right jungle otherwise you’re just doing work in the wrong jungle. I am learning how to go back to my purpose, principles and core values and move forward from there. Finding my jungle again.

1. Your answers are not outside of yourself

I’ve spent alot of my life looking outside of myself for answers, for love, for affirmation. Last year was no different and was amplified because of how little I was taking care of myself on a personal level and the changes happening in my life. I knew on an intrinsic level that looking outside of myself was not the answer. I knew I needed to start making more decisions around myself so that I could fulfill my own self.

I spent the rest of the year taking bold action, trusting myself and mostly, doing alot of inside work…filling my cup. I grew stronger in the journey and realized just how important the inside work is, just how important it is to care for myself and love myself first. I learned how to take care of me again and in doing so take better care of everything else because I had more to give from. I learned how to stand up for myself and in doing so I saw some people leave my life and the right ones enter. I learned how to say no and in doing so opened myself for the “hell yes’s”. I learned how to stand my ground and follow my heart for me and in doing so I know where I’m going with an even greater conviction than before. And I learned that everything I need is within me.

2. ‘Unbecoming’ is powerful

Letting go, facing the truth no matter how difficult and painful, burning, surrendering, awakening and rising from the ashes was the theme in much of my action last year. I began to see how powerful it is to not always try to “become” something but to feel the freedom in unbecoming. Unbecoming thoughts, beliefs and stories I told myself for so long, that kept me bound to one way. To unravel myself and see what’s beneath it all. To come home to the core of who I am, that was what my work was. To work not from the outside in, but the inside out. So often I thought I needed to add something to me: strength, courage, confidence, boldness…

What I found is that doing it the other way around might be even more powerful. Because you see, we already are all of these things, it’s just a matter of finding them within ourselves.

3. Let go of your butterfly

I exercised alot of control, or at least tried. I never had been someone who had that control characteristic. I would pride myself on being carefree, down to earth, uncontrolled…even so much that I called myself a gypsy at heart. I could let go of it all, flow with the wind and be free. And I saw how much fear played a roll in my control last year.

I knew I had to start taking bold, courageous steps in alignment with my own heart, not anyone and everyone else’s. I had to risk losing and letting go of these things to find freedom in not needing them. To find freedom and happiness in aligning myself with my own heart. Letting go of my butterfly meant standing at the cliff’s edge of an edge I knew I needed to jump to make it to the next level of my self and not having wings but jumping and growing them on the way down. And that’s what I did. Your butterfly is you. For her to fly freely and live her life out, she needs to be able to fly, not be bound.


What are 3 ways you Fierced Forward at age 35?

What is something you did this year we may not know about?

What does Fierce Forward mean to you today?

What are 3 things you intend to do this coming year that support your lessons above?

What are you currently excited about?

So much love, xo

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