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30 Days of Gratitude: {Free} Challenge

Gratitude For Life Challenge: 30 Days of Gratitude

Grab your coffee every morning (we start Nov 1st!) and meet me in your inbox, cause we about to light your life up with gratitude!
Gratitude is one of those tools that, honestly, I need SO MUCH in my life. I’d be willing to bet most of us do! Anxiety, fear, feeling disconnected, all the to-do’s, the busy-ness, stress…all these things that manifest as feelings that don’t feel good. That disconnect us from how we really want to feel. We can combat them with this one beautiful tool: gratitude. It turns everything around, aiming us here –> 🧡
Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools you possess and it’s also one of the most forgotten.

Compassion, gratitude and appreciation can combat anything life throws at you. It has the power to reshape your thoughts. To change in an instant, a feeling of lack in your life to feeling abundance. It’s freakin’ powerful and it works when you use it.

“My destination is no longer a place, but a new way of seeing.” ~Marcel Proust

Bringing gratitude into your life on a daily basis will change your life. It will change you.

It’s done it in mine and it’s changed me for the better. It’s a tool I work to sharpen everyday, through gratitude journaling, meditation and in the littlest of moments. When I get off course and lose direction, I know that I just need to find my way home and that home is centered in gratitude. 

Whether you want some more good vibes in your life or you’re really intentional about possessing an attitude of gratitude for life, you’re going to love this challenge.

I’m so excited you’re here! Read below what to expect in this challenge, what you need to be ready for November 1 start date. Signup & choose your gratitude stack below.

What you can expect 

Dates: November 1-30

The Gratitude Challenge is all done by email. You don’t have to do anything else but open your email and grab the lesson each day!

1. A daily Spark of Gratitude email

Each morning for 30 days, open your Spark of Gratitude as your first email of the day to get you into the spirit of gratitude. Yessss, that’s it! Your email will inspire you to have appreciation, compassion and gratitude for yourself and your life. Think of the daily email as your spark of inspiration (to be grateful) each morning!

2. Tips, tools & journal prompts

Expect tips, tools & journaling prompts throughout the week. You’re going to love these little gems! Meditations, mindset tools, how to create a Happy List, a gratitude playlist and journaling prompts throughout the week to keep you focused and intentional on gratitude.

3. What you need: Gratitude Journal

Signup for my free 30 day challenge and grab your Gratitude Stack below. Then all you have to do before your first email on November 1st is get a gratitude journal you can write in over the next 30 days. Dust one off you’ve had or go and get a special one. 

Signup below


grateful stackGratitude Stacks: Pink & Brown + Pink & Green

pink and brown stack

Signup for the Gratitude For Life Challenge!

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Hashtags to use throughout the challenge: #fierceforwardgratitudechallenge 


Comment below why you want more gratitude in your life!

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Gratitude & love,

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  1. I’m late but I’d love to be part of the gratitude group!! I have been struggling lately and would love this to help.

    Thank you

  2. I work on mindfulness and gratitude every day. Somedays it’s so easy to list 10 things im grateful and sometines it is a lot of work to find one. Looking forward to this months challenge. Thank you. ❤🦄

  3. Gratitude is what got me thru the worst time our family has ever endured. I have a shirt from PLW that says, “Gratitude changes Everything” and wore it on the tough days because even when it was a bad day for me,someone else was going thru far worse. Gratitude changes everything. It can all be gone in an instant.

  4. Girl – truer words never spoken (from your notes above)!! “It has the power to reshape your thoughts. To change in an instant, a feeling of lack in your life to feeling abundance. It’s freakin’ powerful and it works when you use it.”

    This has happened to me lately and literally “in an instant” 🔥💥☄️⚡️