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4 Reasons to Hit the Barre + 10 Minute Video To Get You Started

Let me first introduce Lindsey Bomgren, Fierce Forward Ambassador and lover of all things fitness, health & wellness!!! Lindsey has come with me to the Arnold Sports Festival to spread the Fierce as well as led Yoga/Barre at the Fierce Forward Retreat this year! I am so excited to have her share her love of fitness with us in this post sharing four reasons to hit Barre. This girl knows how to work a booty and keep you fiercely focused on knowing you can get through your workout and have fun doing it. I’m sharing all the ways to find Lindsey, to follow her workouts and below you’ll find a ten minute video to help get you started NOW! Fierce Forward was a mantra I created while on my personal fitness journey! Nourishing your body with healthy food and movement is an important piece of the puzzle when working on your personal fierceness. Mind, Body & Spirit all connect and so we must work fiercely to take care of each of these and then they will gracefully work together. So grab a chair, some soup cans or weights and let’s get this party started!

IMG_5922(1)Me and Lindsey at the Fierce Forward Retreat, on top of a huge mountain, overlooking the beautiful Ghost Ranch.


What’s Barre?

A mix of dance (ballet), pilates, yoga and functional strength training to sculpt, strengthen and lengthen your muscles. Strengthen, lengthen and tone the areas we love to work the most – the arms, abs, thighs and glutes through pilates, ballet, isometric holds and functional strength training.

barre workout trail

What If You Don’t Dance?

Don’t worry…me either, and at first glance this workout was not for me. I don’t dance (at least not without wine). And I’m more of a heavy weights and HIIT training type of gal (those baby weights and pulsing plies aren’t for me…so I thought).

But I gave it a try and turns out it’s totally my jam and much harder than I anticipated. Although it’s not for everyone, here are 4 reasons you should give barre a try:

  1. Everyone can barre, every skill set and age. You can modify if you’re a beginner, pregnant or have an injury, and you can intensify every move by going into eleve (onto your toes), pulsing lower or increasing your range of motion if you’re more advanced
  2. Barre is hard on muscles, kind on joints. Bad knees, hips, back…you can still Barre. Barre’s controlled, low impact movements reduce pressure on your joints, tendons, ligaments and spine
  3. Target your metabolic muscles and sculpt that booty. I want lean legs and a lifted booty…said every woman ever. Barre targets the largest muscle groups in the body, like the thighs and glutes
  4. Barre is a holistic workout with a mind-body connection. Barre draws from yoga and dance, so there’s a real focus on breathing and the mind-body connection. Oddly enough the uncontrollable shaking that kicks in from muscle fatigue is kind of liberating; just close your eyes, breathe deeply and test your mental and physical limits

Ultimately, barre is incredibly effective at transforming the so-called ‘problem’ areas for women. So with benefits like thinner thighs, chiseled arms, sculpted back, flat abs and my personal favorite, a lifted booty, why not give barre a try.

Get started with this 10 minute barre sculpt home workout. All you need is a chair and some light dumbbells (or soup cans) if you have them.

VIDEO Youtube link here!  +++  Or Video downloadable link

>>This workout video is one of six, 20 minute at home workouts from theNourish + Move Online Training Program

>>For more workouts you can do at home check outwww.nourishmovelove.com or follow @nourishmovelove on facebook and instagram


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    Thanks so much for sharing Ash — it’s been so fun getting to work with you more this past year. Love what you are doing and all that Fierce Forward stands for!