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4 Steps to Conquering Your Dreams & Finding Your Passion

IMG_0230Angels can fly because they can take themselves lightly. ~G.K. Chesterton

Some months you’re in the thick of Life and can’t see through everything that is happening and then something magical happens and you catch a breather. Does this ever happen to you? I have been in a reflective period for the past couple of weeks, reflecting on the things I have put my energy into this year, the point I am in in my journey and how I feel in that. It feels so good to reflect because it’s a sort of rebirth of your approach to your Life. You (without judgement) step back and look objectively at what your Life looks like and can finally see the forest through the trees.

I remember the day this photo was taken, it was last year, I was shooting the Fierce Forward Armor on the side of a railroad track in Chicago. I felt alive. When was the last time you felt alive? And I mean, ALIVE! Another time I remember feeling this way was last year, arriving in Newport Beach driving down the highway windows down, hair blowing in the wind and Tracy Chapman blaring over the radio and another time having a belly laugh recently over a funny photo with Mark. Feeling alive is something we all crave. We all want to LIVE while we’re here in this short 100 years we may be given. But so few of us truly live and I think we all have to feel what it feels like to be walking through life like a zombie so that we may choose to instead, LIVE. I once felt this on all levels of my existence and speak about it in my speaking engagements and some days, they add up to me having to reflect on if I am still truly LIVING. You see, it’s an on going work of action, practice and faith in oneself. It all comes back to living your life for your Purpose, which is where your Passion lies. I believe we all want to live with passion and wake up every day and put our time and energy and being into what we love and then watch that blossom. I did it and am telling you right now, that you. can. do. it. too! Without question and how do I know this? Because I know that we are Limitless as people, that YOU are Limitless and you have the power to choose, to do whatever you want in this Life. What you believe, you give power to so if you believe something is not possible, then you are right but you gotta get FIERCE on Life and believe that you already are, that you already have, that you already know, that you already own it. And you do this by starting right now and living TODAY. So how will you begin LIVING today? Sometimes I think it is just a matter of reinventing yourself and be the person you want to be right now! It CAN be as simple as seeing yourself in a different light, of learning new belief systems. Often times we limit ourselves and what we can and will do because we don’t want to fail or we don’t believe we can do that thing or be that person but this is 100% belief. Change your belief, change the course of your Life. You gotta own it girlfriend and yes, sometimes it just takes a little self trickery to do the ‘trick’;)

Reinventing my self has been one of my greatest discoveries in moving forward in my life. Revive, redesign, reopen, restore, reawaken are just a few words that come to mind when I think about reinventing my self.  We’ve all been there, stuck with our feet deep in cement that is drying one day at a time and no where to go.  One definition of reinvent is to invent again or anew, to remake or make over as in a different form.  I love the idea that you are able to, at any time in your life, reinvent yourself.
This is your right as an individual, to change whatever it is in your life that you must change for your greater good.  You don’t have to be stuck anymore, or unhappy or feel like your life and your routines are monotonous and bring you no joy.  No!  You have a choice.  Here are 4 ways that will assist you when you need to reinvent yourself:

  1. Know when you need to reinvent.  The signs for a reinvention can be found through a long state of being bummed out, not feeling passionate about what you’re putting your energy into, wanting more in your life, knowing what you want but not having the courage to take steps forward towards it, feeling a pull towards something more, seeing signs from the Universe that you are not on the right path {you will know it as you’ll feel it} and many more.  Knowing your threshold for living in this state of, well, unhappiness, is a great compass in directing you to the when of the reinvention.  Stated simply, if you are not happy with what you’re doing, where you’re going and even the company you keep, these are all clear signs you are ready for a Reinvention!
  2. Reinvention intervention.  It’s not always easy to come face to face with the personal acceptance of your unhappiness.  No one wants to admit they are unhappy and that they have work to do to get happy.  But this step must be done!  For me, this step has become easier and easier over time through practice of recognition.  I’m always checking in with myself, with my feelings, with my thoughts, with my internal compass of happiness.  So you know you need a change and you want to begin living in line with the things you want so you must begin by taking responsibility that you are not happy and you know your happiness lies in your steps forward.  Recognizing this is a step of courage and a step forward.
  3. A Goal Digging Session!!!  This is my absolute favorite step of Reinvention.  You’ll need, a rad notebook, highlighters, colored pencils and pens, some tunes that help you go inward and put you in a contemplative state {I recommend anything Coldplay, Ellie Goulding and one of my personal favorites when goal digging, “Shake it Out” acoustic version by Florence & the Machine} and last but not least you’ll need to let loose your inner child.  Schedule 1-2 hours for yourself to get away from everything that distracts you {coffee shops are my favorite}, turn your cell phone on silent, put your headphones on and begin writing down all the things you want more of!  What makes you happy?  Write it down then write down the steps it will take to get there, no matter how many steps, write them down!  This hour is really yours to begin writing out what you want more of in your life, more of for yourself, what makes you happy and to identify those things and enjoy the creative process of the Goal Digging Session.  There is no specific outline for what the session should look like or be like but rather, to feel like!  It should feel exciting, fun, exploratory and liberating.
  4. Be Brave and Follow Your Heart.  It is not easy to change your thoughts, your feelings and the patterns you’ve known for so long but it is doable because anything and everything is possible and you are Limitless!  Once you have a clear direction of where you want to take your self next, begin taking small steps each day towards it.  It will be difficult and there will be challenges but when you follow your heart rather than following the life you think you need to be leading, it is a battle worth fighting for!  It takes courage to Reinvent yourself as the rest of the world is following suite of a path that has been preconceived and set out before us, heck, I did it for 26 years!  I followed the path I thought I needed to because everyone was doing it.  But what I didn’t realize was that I had a choice.  I had a choice to choose what path I want to go down in my life and that I did not have to follow anyone else’s path if that wasn’t what I wanted and that I can pave my own path!  It is privilege we have as individuals to be able to choose our happiness.  Not every one in the world gets this choice that is why it is a privilege and we must be appreciative of this by honoring that and choosing our happiness.  Now go reinvent yourself and follow your heart!

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