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4 Ways to Shift Negativity to Positivity!


I’ve always said, “Health is an inside job.” I realized this when I began my journey to a healthy lifestyle several years ago. Every day I woke up and knew that if I didn’t have the right approach to the day, and ultimately the right “attitude,” I would not move forward in the direction I desired to go.

I had no choice, because all I knew was I could not go backwards any longer. It was then that I learned that with every choice, every workout, every person I surrounded myself with, it had to be fueled with a positive attitude. Without this, negativity would foster instead and that mindset has no place in a healthy lifestyle.

Not only do my clients share their experiences of struggling to maintain a positive outlook, but within my own life I feel that struggle as well. We are all human and it’s our nature to struggle, but within that comes something greater: an experience that we carry with us for the rest of our lives.

The struggle molds us to something greater. If we never had “those days,” where we felt unmotivated, tired, down, questioning, then we might just be mannequins with no souls. But no, we are people who have the choice to move forward every day! So the next time those negatives vibes arise within, don’t beat yourself up; instead, know that you are human and this is normal.

I’ve found the ironic part of being healthy each and every day is that it’s not any less or more of a struggle than just existing and not being happy. It’s a different kind of struggle, one that promotes growth within. With each internal battle and each conquered negative thought, you equip yourself with the weapons that can defeat the next wave of negativity that tries to manifest itself within you. Your obligation to yourself is to manifest positivity and move forward towards your goals each and every day.

Below are some ways I have found to tame negativity and turn it into positivity!

  1. Go back to your goals. What are your goals and what’s driving you? Why is it important to you and what will you do for it? Sometimes just remembering why you’re making the choices you’re making will boost your motivation and send you into a positive frame of mind.
  2. Don’t beat yourself up. Realizing that you are not perfect—and that you don’t need to be—will help you to accept negative thoughts as they arise, and be stronger-willed to turn these into positive thoughts. When I over criticize how I’m feeling or ought to be feeling, I often say aloud in my head, “Done!” When you put control on yourself, you are choosing to respond vs. react emotionally. Sometimes just simplifying it to “we all have bad days” can be very freeing.
  3. Fierce self love. Remember, you have to take care of YOU before you can take care of anything or anyone else. It’s crucial to prioritize YOU in that top three list of things to do. Do not put yourself last! In fact, I say put yourself first! When you do this, you will feel good about your day, what you’re doing for others, and mostly, what you’re doing for yourself. This is positivity just by intention.
  4. Focus on the phrase, “Right now, I have everything I need.” I believe we think we need more than we have and things should happen quicker than they do. Relax, breathe, find balance, and focus your intention on being positive and happy with what you have, not with what you don’t think you have. This is key.

Remember life is about balance and to be gentle with yourself. You deserve to feel beautiful. You deserve to put yourself first. You deserve to be happy. Fierce Forward!



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