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5 Fitness Girls on instagram who are crushing it!

For the past 7 years, I have used social media to connect with others and empower women to crush their goals and Fierce Forward in their lives! The women in this post all have a large number of followers, which would be very difficult to replicate. Although it could be possible if you use an instagram growth service. And at one point, when Instagram showed up on the scene, I made the decision to be very conscious about who I choose to follow. I follow women who inspire me, who are doing rad things in their lives and being fiercely who they are. I love that so much and I wanted to share just a few of the women who add to my life when I login to instagram each day. All these girls have so many followers and likes on their instagram accounts which is an absolute dream of an instagram influencer, sadly though some of them or just general people on instagram buy instagram likes. However, these girls have earned them! I think it’s important to note that you have a choice who you follow and if you use social media as a tool, you can follow the people that make a positive impact on how you feel through inspiring you by who they are, what they do and what they give to the world.

P.S. You never know who you are inspiring, so keep being you and doing what you are meant to do in this life and always remaining true to that! Follow me here on Instagram, drop a note and I’ll follow you back. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get even more instagram followers to bring more attention to your page.

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1. Angi Greene

You guys, this woman is a soul-driver. She recently lost her mother and has been very open about her journey with an unhealthy past and coming out of it, stronger. She has had alot of heartache the past couple of years and I admire her spirit and vulnerability in sharing her heart with the world. I would totally be her friend in real life, she has this warmth about her when she speaks in her posts that make you feel like she’s talking to her bf. On a side note, she’s a friend of Kate Hudson’s and I’m a huge Khud fan, ever since Almost Famous, she got my heart. Follow Angi to be inspired by how she always Fierces Forward through the challenges and this woman works her ass off for that bod.

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2. Nicole Winhoffer

I found Nicole one day on Adidas Women IG and started perusing her page and felt immediately a sense of badassery. She teaches fitness classes in NYC and has a group called NW Church and I have often picked up moves from her. She has tons of video highlights of her classes and her moves are super innovative and incorporate body weight and attitude, both of which are easily accessible. wink wink. Follow her here for awesome moves and to see her rock out a one piece with her hair flying everywhere during her workout. I tried putting my hair down once for a workout and it stuck to my eyelids and got in my mouth. Definitely need more head whipping for that!

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3. Amanda Adams

I met Amanda at the Arnold Fitness Expo in 2012, we were both working the expo. What I loveee about Amanda is how fun and light I feel when I visit her page to see what she’s up to and it definitely is a bonus in my book that she is all about helping women #OMGneverdietagain! It’s so important to educate women about having balance in their lives and she does that. She keeps it real and I’ve appreciated her candidness when it comes to the fitness industry. Follow her here and tell her Ashley from Fierce Forward sent you! P.S. OMG, she’s the cutest!

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4. Revie Jane

First off, that name! Revie Jane is this sweet Australian woman who loves pink (so fierce!) and kills it at Crossfit. She’s a beast and she has the most natural athleticism and inspires me to get my ass to the gym. She just had a baby and I watched her workout her way through her pregnancy which inspired me even more for no excuses and I love her for her tenacity and dedication. Such a sweetheart of a woman. Follow her here.

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5. Katie Willcox

I started following Katie after finding her brand, Healthy is the New Skinny (another amazing page to follow for body positive inspo) and found her so multifaceted. She is a girl boss, a speaker, a plus sized model, a soon-to-be mother & a very smart woman who speaks her mind. She’s sarcastic, witty and a total girl crush for me in the Entrepreneur department! She empowers women to love your body at any size and she has the sweetest husband that reminds me of mine. She is going to be such a beautiful mother! Follow Katie here.


What women/accounts inspire you on Instagram? Comment below and spread the fierce by sharing this post with other women in your Life who could always use more women inspiration!

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    Yes! It is so important to have mentors in our lives and even in different sectors! I will look into alexa, thank you for reading, babe!

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    I love following all these strong women for motivation and inspiration.. One of my favorites in alexajeanfitness. She has a daughter and another one on the way, and she shows that you can be a mama and still stay in shape!!