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5 Himalayan Salt Lamps Every Girl Needs In Her Home Space

Last week, I was shopping in our local health food market and there it was, a beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp.

The first time I laid eyes on one in person.

I bought it along with a salt bowl and even though I didn’t know much about salt lamps at the time, I’m glad I followed my instincts on this one because I am not disappointed! If you’re interested to find out how much they are Buy these lamps here!

I wanted to shed some light (wink) on what salt lamps are all about and their benefits. They’re pretty fascinating and even if you don’t believe in the properties below, I think we could both agree that just the calmness of a glowing lamp is enough to make you want one for your home!

Let’s talk about the benefits of having a salt lamp.


  • Salt lamps, when heated, create negative ions that benefit our health
  • Can be bought as a living energy source which emits a healthy glow; brings healing energy from the earth
  • They seek to balance a person’s energy wherever it is lacking: physical, spiritual, emotional or mental
  • Can purify and neutralize the air and can benefit asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Can increase mood & alertness
  • Can decrease stress

Not sure where to get one? I’ve got you covered, here are 5 awesome salt lamps to get you started! You can pick one today and have it in two days at your doorstep.


5 Himalayan Salt Lamps For Your Homespace

  1. Pastel Pink Himilayan Salt Lamp from Target | $28.99
  2. Pyramid Salt Lamp | $39.99
  3. Obelisk Salt Lamp | $17.99
  4. Round Salt Lamp | $25
  5. Salt Lamp Votive Candle Holder | $9

I turn my salt lamp on in the morning during my morning ritual time, sometimes leave it on during the day and at night turn it on when I start winding down. The glow, similar to a strand of colored Christmas lights, really relaxes me.

If you don’t have one, I highly recommend getting one. Not only are they super affordable and mood enhancers, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find one person in your home who wouldn’t also love it.

Unless they don’t like pretty glowy things that is!

Do you have a salt lamp and what benefits have you noticed from having it in your space?


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    I have two round salt lamps in the bedroom. They are used as a night light on the nightstands, I also put oils on them at night before bed. Lavender is used to de stress and eucalyptus is used when feeling stuffy.