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A Guide To Salt Lamps

Last week, I was in our local health food market and there it was, a beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp. I bought it along with a salt bowl and although I am just now doing my research on the benefits of the lamps and what they emit, I followed my instincts on this one and was not disappointed. I wanted to shed some light (wink, wink) on what salt lamps are all about and their benefits. As I write this, my salt lamp is to my left, turned on and I feel the calm vibes coming my way!


Himalayan Salt comes from the East range of the Himalayan Mountains. These salts contain all the elements of which the human body is comprised. The crystalline structure of the salts were formed from the high pressure of the sedimentation process which took millions of years. It was first discovered when the horses of Alexander’s invading army started licking the ground under their feet.


  • Salt lamps, when heated, create negative ions that benefit our health
  • Can be bought as a living energy source which emits a healthy glow; brings healing energy from the earth
  • They seek to balance a person’s energy wherever it is lacking: physical, spiritual, emotional or mental
  • Can purify and neutralize the air and can benefit asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Can increase mood & alertness
  • Can decrease stress



  1. Urban Outfitters Natural Salt Lamp $34 This is like the one I have, a natural rock formation
  2. Salt Pyramid Lamp $29.99 sale I love triangles and pyramid shapes and would love to get this for our bedroom
  3. Salt Obelisk Lamp $24.99 sale
  4. Salt Round Lamp $37.33 sale
  5. Rock Salt Votive Candle Holder $8


Some other fun options:


“Just bought 2!! Love them!! Hubs calls them our “super powers rocks”. Got them at Earthbound, the lady swore by them for sinus/allergy issues.” Angie Vickery

“I just turned mine on today after not doing it for awhile. I swear that it ‘clears the air’. I was feeling down today, kind of ‘blah’, and I turned on the lamp and it really made the room ‘feel’ better. For what it’s worth, I do really like it, and it gives the room a nice glow at night.” Sara Maag

“I love the ambient color of the light. It’s very peaceful and soothing. It’s supposed to supply negative ions as well. Maybe it does, but I suppose if I sit in my bed reading on my Nook, the positive ions from that sort of negate the negative ions from the salt lamp, lol. Maybe I need a whole bunch of them rather than just one.” Meredith Antonelli


Do you have a salt lamp and what benefits have you noticed from having it in your space?

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    I have two round salt lamps in the bedroom. They are used as a night light on the nightstands, I also put oils on them at night before bed. Lavender is used to de stress and eucalyptus is used when feeling stuffy.