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5 of The Coolest Ways To Plant Succulents in Your Home


First of all, this post got me so excited to write! Today, I am departing from my go-to soulful writing that empowers you to move forward in your Life and sharing some things that elevate my every day Life to create fun, happiness and positivity in my surroundings. It’s fun for me to share other parts of my self and plus, who doesn’t love succulents, gemstones & creating their home space to something that makes them feel good!

The weather today is rainy and just outside our back porch, the leaves are a fresh, neon green, as if they are growing into their color. Everything is blooming and new and it’s such a refreshing feeling that reminds me of the possibility of creating newness in my own Life, at any moment. I recently hung two, white floating shelves from IKEA, with my bare hands. That’s right, I did it myself! I was so empowered walking away from those shelves (and they’re thick shelves, you can see them here) and even though it took me longer to arrange the gemstones on the shelves than it did put them up, I now know I can do (almost) anything around this house that I set my mind to. See, empowerment is available to us everywhere! This year, I’ll be traveling even more than last year and that really does make me appreciate my home time even more. I’m also discovering that I am wanting more and more to “nest” and really create a space that is mine and my husband’s, that is Home. I believe it is so important for each of us to create this home space for ourselves and our family. We have painted our entire house and worked to minimize the amount of “things” we have and with that, I have found there is alot of empty space that feels stark to me, so that’s where plants come in! Vanessa Ramey, an Interior Designer and owner of Principle 7 Design in Texas, is sharing the impact plants in your home can have on your home vibe.

She says,

“Plants for me provide a zen feeling. They make a house feel like home. Most importantly, they improve your general health. They lighten your mood, your brain functions better, they provide clean air, they can prevent allergies and also offer treatment like the Aloe plant does. I love succulents because they are easy to take care of (give them a sunny spot and water once a week), they can be potted in any kind of container and they look amazing on cakes, and decorating for events! They’re the most multi faceted plant available to us!”

I love the idea of everything Vanessa said and here are the 5 coolest ways I found to plant succulents in your home:

  1. Gemstone Planter: I mean! My favorite idea for planting succulents so far! Find a Geode Candle holder (like this one) and get some potting soil, some beautiful succulents that you think will look great with the color geode you choose and wallah! For the record, I just got 3!


2. Ceramic Buddha Head Planter: When I first found these on Etsy, I got a buddha and a skull one! These are a steal and you are supporting an artist who makes these.


3. A Succulent Bowl of Love: I have two of these bowls, although this one is spectacular with the color and how large it is! You can find a bowl like this online, at Hobby Lobby or even take a ceramic bowl that was once used for food. I’m thinking antique or vintage store. Get as many succulents as would fit in the size bowl you have and get to planting! As far as where to place which succulents, I believe in shooting from the hip with this, that there is no right way to plant succulents in terms of design. Do what feels right and just make sure you love it.


4. Succulent Zen Bowl: A close second for my favorite way to plant succulents. Get potting soil, round up your gemstones, find some white planting rocks, your succulents and a bowl and create your Zen Bowl! I see this almost as a piece for your altar or to put in an area that is your Zen space.


5. Single Succulents Party: I love the idea of taking all those planters you have in your garage or storage (you know what I’m talking about) and planting single succulents in each of them. What a great way to find a home for these abandoned planters and if you don’t have any, you can use old coffee mugs or vases or even find some at antique stores! The more unique the design and colorful the pots, the better!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas I put together for creating more zen in your home space! It’s so important to take care in your Home space and put your self into it so that it truly feels like home.

Next Home inspired post coming next week: How-To Create a Gemstone, Floating Shelf!