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5 Tips For Glowing Skin

When I turned 33, I started noticing little changes in my skin. A sun spot on my cheek, my crow’s feet started widening with every smile and my rosacea started flaring up. It was hard at first.

I mean, I used to go to bed with makeup still on my face post college party and wake up looking fresh faced. I would bask in the sun for hours to get a “healthy glow.” Fast forward years down the road of doing this and I’ll be honest, it was super difficult when I started seeing the long term effect happening from all my short term choices. That’s when I realized that I would need to start taking better care of my skin if I wanted to feel better about it 3, 5…10 years from now. And the truth is, age is happening to each of us every day that passes and it’s a gift not given to everyone. So it’s about flipping the script of our perception and embracing everything we are and will become and doing it now!

Our skin is a big deal, literally. It’s the largest organ and one of the most important as it has many roles in the maintenance of keeping us healthy and alive.

Aside from the diy scrubs I love, I’ve not always been super conscious when it comes to products I use, ingest and apply to my body but over the past few years, it’s become something I’m deepening my awareness around. After feeling and seeing a shift in my skin in my mid 30’s, I also got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, which opened my eyes to my internal health and my conscious choices around it. Creating and having a daily skincare ritual is so important for the health of our skin.

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Enter Dahliana Skincare. I met Carola May (doesn’t she have the coolest name), at Wanderlust last year. We started talking about entrepreneurship and our companies and naturally formed a bond over being a woman in this time and age and how we have to always take care of ourselves first, especially if we’re working to take care of something bigger than ourselves. I started with her Refreshing Citrus Cleanser then moved to the Overnight Fruit Lift and Berry Booster. I even got my husband hooked on it. He loves the smell. For me, I love what her and her products stand for: Vegan, non-GMO, Certified Organic, Natural, Paraben Free & Gluten Free.

I recently asked her what her top Skincare tips for glowing skin are and here’s what she said.

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5 Tips For Glowing Skin, from Carola, Founder of Dahliana Naturals Skincare

1. Cleanse every night. Invest in a natural facial cleanser

Cleansing every night washes away pollution and dirt from your pores. Invest in a natural facial cleanser, this is the first step to beautiful skin. I suggest our Refreshing Citrus Cleanser (Ashley uses this and loves it) or our Daily Therapy Scrub

2. Always use an eye cream

Begin using an eye cream as early as in your twenties. Apply once or twice daily! You will love our Eye Renewal Cream made from natural and certified organic ingredients to give you shiny, sparkly eyes.

3. Cleanse every night and always include your neck

Always use your night cream on your face and neck. Just adding a simple step to your Skincare Ritual can help your skin tremendously. Your skin repairs itself when you add extra hydration and nutrients to it. Wake up with the most radiant luminous skin in the morning. Try my award winning Overnight Fruit Lift!

4. Exfoliate once a week

Buildup of dead skin cells can leave your skin looking dry and dull. Exfoliating once per week will remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and leave your skin looking fresh and vibrant! Try this Vegan, organic 30 Second Beauty Rescue Peel made with coconut, spirulina, peppermint and vanilla.

5. Use SPF 30 daily

Anytime you go outside, you should be protecting yourself with spf 30. This will keep your skin protected from the sun over time.


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For the past two months, I’ve been sticking to a skincare ritual that has helped calm my rosacea, given me a truly healthy glow and that I know is setting my skin up for the future! Do you have a skincare ritual? 

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